Why Your Flight School Might Want A Helicopter Flight Simulator

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If you operate a flight school, you likely have at least some simulation software available for the planes that you teach people to fly. Today though, it's also possible to go beyond planes and set up a helicopter pilot training flight simulator. Here's why your flight school might want to make this investment today.

Expand Your Program

People have multiple choices today when it comes to picking a flight school. Not every flight school though offers helicopter training. Even if you don't yet have a fleet of helicopters on site for hands-on training, you could still offer some basic courses within a flight simulator. This could help you become more competitive with other flight schools in your state or region. It could also help you judge how many people in your area are interested in this kind of training before you actually make a large investment on a helicopter fleet.

Flight Simulators Provide a Safe Environment to Learn a New Kind of Vehicle

Just because someone knows how to fly a plane does not mean they know how to fly a helicopter. While the basics of good aviation might still apply, there will be new controls to learn and new safety procedures to memorize. A helicopter simulator program will provide people with a safe environment in which they can make mistakes without fear. People will be able to figure out if they like the idea of learning to fly a helicopter before they actually move forward with real hands-on training.

Keep Training When You're Grounded

Just about every flight school out there is at the mercy or Mother Nature when it comes to whether or not your pilots can take to the skies. Having simulator software on site will ensure that your class will always remain open no matter what's going on outside. Simulator programs can ensure that your pilots continue learning or logging hours even when the weather outside is rough.

Practice Risky Situations

Another benefit of flight simulators is that you can use them to simulate specific situations that would be unsafe to practice in an actual flight. With a helicopter simulator, pilots can learn emergency procedures that they have not encountered before in a plane. You'll be able to get people properly trained up without actually putting anyone into a risky or dangerous situation.

Adding a helicopter flight simulator to your flight school could be a way to start expanding your program and provide your pilots with a safe way to learn a new way to fly. 

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